Partition a RAID

What will happen if I partition a RAID HD?
I have 2 SATA300 HD in raid mode to improve my system speed but I have the following problem.
I ofter reinstall my system and format HD to have clean and fast OS.

What will happen if I make a partition for my OS and one for the data?
I will loose raid advantage?

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  1. Partitioning your RAID will not impact performance.

    You may find one partition faster than the other, howerver.
    The 1st partition is most likely to sit on the outer edges of your HDDs while the second more towards the middle.

    Outer edges of your HDDs are the fastest location.
  2. If you want something like this because you often format and do a clean install, your best bet is just to do a backup. Perform a clean install - then make an image of it. If you find yourself wanting to start fresh, use the iamge it'll take lesss time and hassle than installing os/drivers/etc all over again.

    I would advise against partitioning your raid array. You're not going to see any benefit from it in this case and it would be much easier to go with a single hdd to keep an image on.
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