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hey all i've seen a pc on ebay that looks pretty good for price ( just under what i can build it for from a cheap uk site) only thing that i'm not so sure about is the grahics has its a onbuilt one.

the links http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/AMDAM2-DUAL-CORE-10-0GHZ-2GB-400GB-DVD-RW-256BIT-3D-GFX_W0QQitemZ120088567712QQihZ002QQcategoryZ179QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem

plz can you say if that graphics card will play stuff like oblivion or more like age of empires 2..

thx in advance,


p.s i know it says 10 ghz ..... :roll:
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  1. It's the biggest pile of crap i have ever seen!

    Ok, the cpu, 2gb ram and 400gb hdd is all good.

    Integrated graphics are not good enough for gaming, esp for oblivion.

    Another ebay seller trying to scam customers, '10ghz! wow that must be amazing!!!'

    If you want a gaming comp then custom build.

    State your budget and preferred websites and we will give you some specs.
  2. Quote:
    plz can you say if that graphics card will play stuff like oblivion or more like age of empires 2..
    Wait, you want to play Oblivion, and Age of Empires II?... Hey guys can you help me find a system that can play Quake 3 and F.E.A.R.? :lol:

    The 8800GTX is currently the best videocard for Oblivion; CPU wise, I'd go with something Core 2 based. You're probably better off buying your computer from Dell than that asshole on ebay.
  3. wow @ AMD X2 5000 meaning 5 Ghz, let alone the 10 Ghz claim...
  4. As for the graphics card, you'd be better off with something like this
  5. lol right so that graphics is bad then. thought it could be with not being nvid or ati. the 10ghz cliam i found funny:)

    anyway my budget is £450 at max and i want to play new games pref like oblivion. dont need monitor keyboard etc. 30 of that is for a case i have seen so thats 420 for you guys to see what gaming pc you could make if you want :D

    p.s lol liked the dell and ebay is cheaper for a reason comments.
  6. you guys are all newbs

    its so obvious that AMD 5000 X2 = 10ghz.

    Please go back to school and do your math!
  7. £100 E4300
    £60 Mobo
    £100 2gb Ram
    £100 7900GS
    £60 320gb

    Skimp on 1gb ram and save the cash or buy a better gfx card.
  8. what mobo has theres a lot ;)
  9. The cheapest 965 based motherboard is probably the Gigabyte S3 at £70 and your garunteed to be able to overclock to a FSB of 333 (if your bothered about overclocking at all).

    There are cheaper 945 based motherboards that run C2D's but I couldnt tell you which, that you would have to research or wait for someone else to chip in :)
  10. wheres it £70 has the site i use (ebuyer) has them for £100 odd

    and i dont know how to overclock so not bothered bout that.

    I just spoke to him on the phone, and he is having trouble with shipping!

    I suggested he get a corporate DHL acct but you should stay away from this seller till he cleans up his act.
  12. Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 £85.11
    Ebuyer 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 240pin £85.21
    Innovision GeForce 7900GS 256MB £96.00
    Western Digital 320GB SATA HDD £48.50

    there ex vat prices.. its needs a mobo ...

    priced so far is £371.49 inc vat.

    so thats like £50 for a mobo ... enless there none that cheap in which case i'd have to save up.
  13. Scan.co.uk
    £101 - E4300
    £55 - Gigabyte S3 (945) / £65 - Gigabyte S3 (965)*
    £100 - 2gb Corsair Value Select 667mhz
    £102 - XFX 256mb 7900GS
    £55 - 320gb Maxtor or Samsung hdd
    * only difference i know of is the 965 support 800mhz ram.

    Total £413 inc vat.

    Slightly more expensive on most components except
    £110 - Connect3d ATI x1950pro might interest you.
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