can i connect these two routers wirelessly?

WRT54GS connected to the modem
Mii connected to the WET54GS5

How can i make the wet54gs5 connect to the wrt54gs wireless?

I been google for 'How do I connect two wireless routers wirelessly?'
Though I found a lot but nothing helpful. Everyone post a small paragraph but nothing relate to ‘how to’.
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  1. Did you connect a computer to the WET54GS5 and then run the setup CD? Why are you using a wireless network bridge instead of a wireless adapter?

  2. the cd told me to connect the ethernet wire from the blue router to the bridge.
    if this is suppose to be the wireless bridge why wuld i need that wire?
  3. Have you read this article?
  4. Because a wireless bridge connects 2 networks with a wireless connection. You don't have a clue what you're doing, do you? If you have a single computer, just use a wireless adapter.

  5. i got 20 computers, no not for business. it's a home use.
    One of the PC is connected to the bridge.
    and the bridge is connected to the blue router (WIRE across the room).

    if the bridge can't connect to the blue router WIRELESSLY then tell me it's not possible.

    But if it can then please guide me how to?
    thAT is what the forum is for isn't it?
  6. OK, here's the deal...

    --X-------- wired LAN #1 -----------
    bridge 1
    . :
    . :
    bridge 2
    --X-------wired LAN #2 --------------

    The two bridges communitate over wireless to connect the two LANs. That's what a wireless bridge is for. Generally, wireless bridges will not connect with a wireless AP, because it they did it would confuse the role the bridge is supposed to fill. Did you read the article I referenced?

    A quick scan of the article says the bridge you bought is ALSO capable of working in the infrasturcture mode, connecting with access points. If true, you might be able to replace wireless bridge 2 in the diagram with your wireless router. But, I'm not going to read the article for you.

    If you only have one computer connected to the bridge, you would be better off with a simple wireless adapter - PCI, USB, PCMCIA card, whatever - take your choice.
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