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I have a just got a computer with Asus P5e3 Pro motherboard, the problem is that the computer won’t shutdown.When I click the shutdown button in Windows the: keyboard, mouse, harddrive and monitor turns off – but all the fans and the CPU are still running and there is still light in the power-led on the case. I can’t wake the computer up…. all I can do is to turn the computer off by pressing the power-button for more than 4 seconds, and then the computer turns off. I have updated Bios.
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  1. A few possible solutions would be to go into the BIOS and see if the power management is turned on or off- it should be on. Next, try and manually kill some of the processes running in windows before powering off- there may be one that you are unaware of that could be hanging up the shutdown. Do you have anything attached to the computer via USB? If so, maybe unplug those and give it a go.

    If those options do not work, go into window's power management and review the power plan's options and such. There may be a setting in there that is throwing things off on shutdown.
  2. I had the same problem with turning off or restarting the PC till I didn´t turned on in BIOS, but now I would like to overclock my machine and I cant because when the BIOS restarts the same problem shows up...
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