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I was recently using a Dlink DI-724P+ for sharing my internet connection.. and now the router has died.. and i have reverted back to using a XP machine for serving the other computers using network bridges and ICS..

problem is i cant seem to get the ports working for Azureus. i have followed all instructions to get them working from many Wiki pages and what not... but to no avail..

this is quite urgent as the torrent community i use has required ratios for users.. and if i am under that ratio i will be banned!!!

so at the moment i have mostly red torrents with 1k uploads.. even though i have much better capability.. 1500/256..

so far it seems that its going to be a dissapointing month for us..
seeing as though last month we managed over 80gig but without the uploads to go with that we will most likely be banned for poor ratio!

any help...

im not sure what info u need.. but just post back with questions about my setup.. if needed...
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  1. Buy a new rotuer, its as simple as that. ICS will always yield low rates.
    Dont make it any harder than it has to be.
  2. Agreed. Buy a new router. They're easier to setup than Windows, unless you know your stuff. If it's the ICS machine that is doing the Azureus, I find it curious that it wouldn't be working. If it's another machine that's doing the sharing, I would say find another way to connect...like a new wireless router.
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