Looking to build a new Gaming rig. In dire need of advice!:)

OK. My current PC is about 2-3 years old and can not really handle the games out today and future ones so i am looking to build a new one. I am looking around the 1-2k range or more or less 1500-2k price range. I have heard good things about the evga8800 card, the e6600 processor i believe and raptor hard drives so i think i am looking at those. But i would greatly appreciate it if someone could post like the specs of one including everything needed to build it. I really don't have alot of experience in comp building or knowledge of the parts but i heard THG can help alot. Thanks in advance.
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  1. i wouldn't be able to help you with a build of that price range, as i'm quite poor and tend to be a "bottom feeder" of sorts :lol: ... for example i'm planning a c2d build for like <$500. anywho, i bring some (hopefully) useful advice.

    basically any 8-series card pwns. i mean, true, there aren't any dx10 games out to utilize the new features, but then again you need to have vista for that to work anyway... point is, 8-series cards clean the floor in about anything and everything. however, within a short bit, ATI will be releasing their dx10 cards, "r600" as they are dubbed. i would recommend waiting for these cards, as they may A) outmuscle current nvidia dx10 cards, and/or B) bring competitive prices.

    so yeah. wait a bit to pull the trigger. otherwise, you are leaning the right way with c2d processors and nice cards, though :D

    good luck on your build!
  2. i'll help you with the parts, you can find them at www.newegg.com if you didnt already know so here it goes

    also let me know if you plan on overclocking your processor, since in your price range you have the money to get better components for a very good overclock

    Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo
    Asus P5B Deluxe or Gigabyte DQ6-965P
    eVGA 8800GTX
    Corsair XMS2 or G.skill...DDR2-800(probably with 4-4-4-12 timings)
    Western Digital or Seagate 300GB 16mb cache
    psu: Tagan 600W-700W
    Case: i would recommend a Antec 900 or Antec p180 there are others but they are good midtowers with either a agressive gaming look or a sleek clean look...this is largely subjective...
    if you have any more specific questions let me know

    that should g
  3. What resolution do you plan to game at? An 8800GTX for 1280x1024 is huge overkill....GTS at most.

    So, the specs can vary.....a Raptor drive might be good in some instances, for example, but we don't know unless we get some more info.

    So, let us know the following:

    -will you be overclocking?
    -what resolution you want to game at?
    -does your budget account for a monitor, or just the tower?
    -what else will this system be used for?
    -how long do you want it to last?
    -will you be moving to Vista in the future?
    -is an Operating System included in your budget?

    Post that info any anything else. Help us help you ;)
  4. -will you be overclocking? Never really overclocked but if it makes a huge difference then probably yes if i can

    -what resolution you want to game at? 1280x1024

    -does your budget account for a monitor, or just the tower? Already have a tv/monitor that works pretty well so just the desktop.

    -what else will this system be used for? Gaming/Graphics Programs

    -how long do you want it to last? Atleast until something = Vanguard in computer necessity wise would come out again

    -will you be moving to Vista in the future? Probably not with what i have heard.

    -is an Operating System included in your budget?
    I believe i have a copy of Xp pro sitting around somewhere

    I have speakers, mouse, keyboard
  5. Ok, thanks for the info. Here's a list that will last awhile, be very fast, will let you overclock in the future if you wish, and will handle just about any game at 1280 resolution:

    -Thermaltake Armor Jr. or Antec 900 case for something with a bit of bling. Antec P180B for simple and quiet.
    -C2D 6600
    -Gigabyte 965P-DS3
    -2 x 1024 Corsair XMS DDR2-800 (or SuperTalent DDR2-800 if you can get it for a good price)
    -Seasonic Energy Plus S12 550w
    -Samsung SH-S182 DVD/RW
    -EVGA 8800GTS 320mb
    -Scythe Infinity HSF
    -2 Seagate Barracuda's 7200.10 w/16 meg cache @ 320 gb each (1 for primary, one for data/backup).
    -cable ties (to clean up the mess of cables and tie everything up nice and neat)
    -Arctic Silver Ceramique thermal paste

    This setup will spank what you have now and will handle just about anything you throw at it.
  6. alright thankyou so much

    I looked everything up on new egg. added it all up and got a total of around 1460 for it. That sound about right. No way to show you what i looked up but it looks to be right.

    Also with the total being 1460 i can still upgrade so do you think i should get a more powerful mobo? more ram? more powerful vid card? just wondering but thanks again for the help. Can't wait to get this thing built and play cs 1.3 on my new comp! jk
  7. If you add your build to a wish list and then make it public you can link it to us, works pretty nice. If you followed Skyguy list, you well be looking just fine for a couple years, and still have options to upgrade when the next great thing comes out. LOL love that future looking.
  8. what about fans? and should i upgrade the card to the 620 mb for only like $60 more?
  9. Hard to say about the 640 mb card......you don't really need it for 1280 resolution. But if you have the money and don't plan on upgrading for awhile, then it could be worth the money. But keep in mind prices will drop so don't kick yourself later that you "paid too much"....it happens.
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