Installing Windows 2K on a laptop

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I have a laptop with nothing on the HD except Tried installing
Windows 2K from the boot floppies, but then I run into a problem. I can only
have the CD or the floppy drive in the laptop at a single time.

I changed the BIOS to boot from the CD, but the drivers for the drive are
not loaded. So I downloaded the drivers from the manufacturer. But it needs
Windows in order to run.

I'm almost certain I have come across this problem before, but it is such a
rarity I don't remember how to fix the darn thing.

Can someone offer me a suggestion or two on how to get Windows 2K loaded -
or at least get the system to see that there is indeed a CD drive?

I appreciate the help.

Jenn Duffer
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup (More info?)

    Use DOS CD-Drivers:

    edit/create a C:\config.sys with
    DEVICEHIGH=oakcdrom.sys /d:mscd000

    and edit/create a C:\autoexec.bat
    lh mscdex /D:MSCD000 /L:Z

    with this, you will have a CD-Rom driver under DOS with "Z:" as letter or if
    you use /L:D than its "D:"
    himem.sys, oakcdrom.sys and mscdex.exe could be found on a Win95/98/ME boot
    disk (copy these files to C:\)
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