New video card

I currently have a radeon 300se 128mb pci express card
proc is 3.2
ram 1.5
More than enough avail space.
Would like to up to a Radeon x1950pro.
I have a Gateway 550gr and the chipset is 915g, the radeon comp chart calls for a i975x. Is it possible this will work with my machine.
Am attempting to play Vanguard. I have min lag with my presence card, but would like to eliminate that best I can and go for the super card at the same time.

I do not know computers, and all help is appreciated.
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  1. Any current PCI-E card will work, regardless. Just make sure your PSU can handle the 1950Pro.
  2. Quote:
    Just make sure your PSU can handle the 1950Pro
    That not only means enough amps on the 12v rail, but that your PSU has a 6-pin PCI-e connector on it, as well. I just posted this earlier today, on another thread:

    suggest you use a 420 Watt PSU minimum, but better is always recommended especially if you keep SLI or Crossfire in mind as a future upgrade. When you buy a new PSU then look at the packaging and check the 12 volts rail for the amperage, 20 AMPS should be fine for a single card, 30 for Crossfire (in this segment). With the X1950 Pro in Crossfire I'd recommend a 520 Watts PSU though.
    from this review:

    Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks ever so much.
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