x800 gt a/w driver probs

im having a lot of problems instaling the gfx card drivers for my x800 gt
the gfx card im pretty sure is working as i got it off a friend where i know for a fact it was working fine

the gfx card is an x800 gt all in wonder which is made by ATI and not another distributor

im not a complete noob when it comes to computers and i have worked as a technician in the past (while ago now though)

the motherboard is the asus A8R-MVP s939 based on the ATi rd480 chipset (or something like that not the rd580 though)
i have just bought the motherboard off a retailer that i know and trust although it was 2nd hand

device manager simply reports it as a video controller and video controller-vga compatable under the part that shows hardware with problems that has the exclamation mark (its been a while lol)

any help would be appreciated thanks
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  1. i havent flashed the bios yet and i installed all drivers except the gfx card driver as it wont install

    i dont have the disc by the way, but im using the latest and proper driver for that card and winxp
  2. the gfx card isnt asus its ATIs own brand
    and i have motherboard drivers installed and .net etc
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