When computer updates it shuts down completely and wont start

brand new toshiba windows 7 home premium after installing updates it shuts down and wont turn back on will not indicate any battery charging or any lights it just dies help me plz :
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  1. Do you mean the laptop shuts down after running Windows Update and downloading updates or shutting down after you click to shut the computer down?

    Have you tried to take the battery out and then replace it in? Is the battery charged? Will it not turn on at all after you push the power on button?
  2. thats exactly what happens battery fully charged its happened 3 times and it turns on 2 or three days after iit just shuts down completely and shows no indication of life, no lights i plug it in and it doesnt even show its connected computer 7 months old
  3. Have you ever tried to take the battery out of the laptop and then turning it on while plugged into the AC adapter? Can you post the model and specs of the laptop?
  4. toshiba satelite L645D home premium windows 7 64 bit operating system yes i have tried taking the battery out of laptop and then turnng it on while plugged into ac adaptor but when it shuts down it does nothing the lights wont even turn on
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