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Hi all,

I'm new to this web site, hope my post is not in the wrong forum.

I have a Netgear MR814 router, it was doing fine for 3 years until recently it keeps losing wireless connection (however one of the comp wired to the router is doing fine). It disconnects around 3-4 times per hour (sometimes 9-10), does any experts here know what kind of problem is it?

Here are some problems I've speculated:
-router doesn't have a network key/password (is the original packaging/software CD required in order for me to setup the password?)
-too much inference around? (I can detect 10+ wireless connection in my neighborhood)
-virus? 2 of my comp was infected w/ virus recently. One is thrown away and one is fixed (could there be "hidden" viruses still inside?)
-bad/depreciated router?
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  1. Try flashing your router to the latest firmware avaible on Netgear's web-site. Make you get the correct firmware for your version MR814.

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