Help!! I don’t want to reinstall windows XP


Here is my problem: the partition were I have the o.s. (windows XP) is becoming with less disk space every week that passes, right now I only have 269 mb of free space.
I know that as I have 1gb of ram I should have at least 1,5 gb of free space in the partition were I have the o.s. (windows XP), for I can for example play games without any problem and fast, but right now as I said before I only have 269 mb of free space, and this is even after I emptied the temp and temporay internet folder and similar folders.

I was told that wasn’t necessary to reinstall XP in a biger partition because I could arrange partition magic and resize the partition were win XP is and I was happy again :) .

But now that I have partition magic and i start the rezise wizard it says that the current size of my partition with win XP is 9460.1 mb (wich is right) and the max that can resize is 9460.2 mb, this means that can only can give me 0.1 mb more???!!!???? I tried other partition programas from Acronis and 7tools and they all gave my similar results!

I don’t understend I was tould that partition magic could resize the partition were win XP is??!!!??? I was thinking in ading 5 GB more to that partition!!

Here is my setup:

1º HD segate 120 GB:

1ª partition C: 20 GB of capacity, 98.7 mb free, 2ª partition G: 85 gb of capacity, 7122 mb free, 3ª partition E: (Were XP is ) 9460 mb of capacity, 269 mb free,

2º HD segate 120 GB:

Only one partition I: 114470 mb of capacity, 114402 mb free

All formated in NTFS

Is there a solution to my case besides reinstalling win XP in a bigger partition? Wich one?

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  1. In order to resize a partition you need to have some 'free' space for that partition to expand into. In this case 'free' means UNpartitioned.

    So you might have to shrink one of your other partitions, perhaps move your c: to your I: and then delete your C: to create 20Gb of unpartitioned space, you can then increase the size of your E:
  2. When you run Partition Magic is there any space after your C drive, possibly gray? It sounds like you have space that's not formated or is hidden
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