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somehow the mouse properties in control panel (WIN 2K) got
deleted. How can i get it back, any way other than re-
installing OS.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup (More info?)

    "control main.cpl" (no quotes) brings up the mouse control panel from the
    Run dialog box. Give this a try and see if you can access your mouse
    properties. 192806 How to Run Control Panel Tools by Typing a Command

    Make sure you have the proper drivers loaded if the mouse in question
    requires anything more than standard PS\2 or USB drivers for connectivity.

    Ensure the file exists, and then check that it does not have .disabled
    appended to it . <Program Name>.cpl.disabled. This should only occur on a
    XP upgrade, but I threw it in there.

    You may need to replace "main.cpl" in order to repair a corrupted file:
    this is from an NT4 article, but it should work on 2000
    173132 Replacing Missing Control Panel Icons

    It would help to know, when this started (was anything
    changed\added\removed) and what type of mouse this is. Based on the post, I
    would say main.cpl was corrupt and control panel does not recognize the
    file. Therefore, you may have to extract it from the original CD to repair
    it. For the KB article on extracting files from CD: 221153 Control Panel
    Does Not Open <---- this KB article should help
    you resurrect a corrupt control panel if that is the issue.

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