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guys i wanted to know which one will better:
1Gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 (single stick)
1Gb Kingston HyperX DDR2 800 (single stick)
im taking a single stick so that i can upgrade another gb and then another till 4gb :).
one more thing. Can u tell me about the importance of timing and which ones are better, cas 5 or 4? Hope to hear from u guys soon. Thanks.
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  1. come on guys, please tell me which one is better or if u guys recommend any other than these rams. please reply guys.
  2. personally i would go with Corsair simply because i've had nothing but good experience with that ram

    you should get the ram with lowest timings you can afford, so cl4 is better than cl5
  3. can u tell me how much difference does it make to get a kit of 2gb or get 1gb and then get another 1gb of ram after some time?
  4. if you mean the same ram (specs) than no difference except for the price
  5. yeah i meant if i get a 2gb kit of corsair ddr2 800 xms2 or get a 1gb corsair xms2 ddr2 800 and then get another 1 gb of the same ram later, will the performance be different, between the two cases?
  6. yes, you'll see the difference in gaming, encoding/rendering apps, overall win. response too
  7. in the previous post u said that if it is the same ram then i wont see any difference apart from the price, but anyways, how much difference will i see?
  8. Quote:
    in the previous post u said that if it is the same ram then i wont see any difference apart from the price, but anyways, how much difference will i see?

    i wasn't talking about performance in the post before
    perf. difference will vary but you can be sure that you'll see it
  9. sorry my bad, will that performance loss be great? i mean is it wise to buy 1gb ram now and 1gb later better or will it be better to wait till i get enough money to get a kit. provided i will have to wait for more than 4 months. :( lack of finance.
  10. sorry i should have asked you first, what kind of work do you plan to do on your pc?
  11. i would use it for playing games, will do very slight overclocking only once i get full knowledge about it. will upgrade to vista once i get 2gb ram that is after 4 months.
  12. ok for gaming i would recommend 2gb of ram but it is up to whether you want to wait and get 2gb or 1gb now, i mean it's not like you won't be able to play games, im saying that with some games 1gb can be a bottleneck
  13. can u elaborate the bottleneck part, i didnt get it? like how will 1 gb of ram bottleneck and with what?
  14. like for newer games (bf2142 etc etc) 1gb is simply not enough, the bottleneck part - for ex. your video card can deliver more perf. and fps out of the game but 1gb could be the limiting factor
  15. i got your point but i wanted to ask u that if i am playing suppose fear, and i am getting 45fps when using 2gb of corsair xms2 ddr2 800 (NOT a KIT), what will i be getting if i am using 2gb corsair xms2 ddr2 800 (IN A KIT)? if u dont know, then can u guess around how much difference will it make?
  16. lol, 2gb kit - is nothing but 2 sticks of 1gb, it's exactly the same as buying 2*1gb sticks
  17. lolzzzz man this was what i was asking u in the first place that will there be a difference or not and there u go. i got my answer. as u r a user of corsair xms2 ddr2 800, did u get a kit or get it seperatley? and can u review about it's performance a bit?
  18. i bought 2*1gb that is not in the kit lol, simply because at that time it was a few bucks cheaper.
    this ram is great, stable, oces well, although, as you can see, i've decided to run it at stock for 1:1 with fsb.
  19. gl on the build :)
  20. what does this mean running the ram with 1:1 with the fsb? can u explain it.
  21. 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio, means running fsb and ram in sync, for ex, my fsb is 1600 which is 400 (fsb is quad pumped), ram is @ 400, so im @ 1:1 ratio. 1:1 is not required but desired :lol:
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