Need help-selecting memory

I want to buy a MoBo and memory.
I am confused with Dual channel, DDR 400, PC 3200 etc.

Please tell me the following MoBo and memory is compatible(links below)

Thank you in advance
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  1. I would stay away from that memory. Go with a value type of RAM from Corsair, OCZ, or Kingston <or other top tier brands>. All you need to do is specify 2x512 sticks of DDR400. It is alway good to pay a bit more for some better RAM and stability. One mans opinion.
  2. Refer to this page for the qualified vendor list (QVL) for that board. The ^^poster is correct; that memory isn't even on the list. Here's the MSI site; memory listed by company, on the left:

    Just a quick search, on your behalf, and about the cheapest I found on the QVL was this Kingston chip, at $85:

    Good luck.
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