Any help much appreciated, 7900GTO runs at half speed!

Hi all.

I'm having problems with my 7900GTO from MSI, I'm getting 3200 3dmark 06 1.02 when I should be getting 5000, and 5000 3dmark 05 when I should be getting 10000. I have a 4300 @ 3Ghz, 1MB RAM.

I get 1232 SM2.0 when the VGA charts say I should get 2226 with a 7900GT and 3006 with a 79000GTX.

I am using 93.71 drivers, same results with 91.47 and 93.81.

All at 1024 x 768 resolution. Card is about two weeks old, only recently started benchmarking it.

Under the info on the nVidia control panel it says the card is on PCI Express x1, but it should be x16? Is this the problem? How could I fix it?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. if you have 1mb ram then your score is way too high im afraid :D
  2. If your board has sli, maybe try sticking it in the other pci-express slot, dunno why it would only run it at 1x mine is at 16x. You sure it's definitely in the right slot (probably a silly suggestion as I'm not sure if they actually fit in regular slots)
  3. Have you checked out the power to it? usually thats the biggest problem. Might also wanna d/l Riva tuner and see what your clock speeds are.
  4. If you havent connected the external power connector it will throttle and it could potentially damage the card (so I've heard, not willing to try it myself as I have no reason to). Often it will tell you if you havent connected it tho.
  5. D/l CPU-Z and check the PCI-E frequency, if it says 1x then try checking on the BIOS if you can change anything.
  6. Quote:
    if you have 1mb ram then your score is way too high im afraid :D


    Should see some good benchmark scores on Jill of the Jungle though. :P

    P.S. Maybe the expanded memory was not detected...
  7. Roxor, the bios says my expanded memory is being detected.

    Slim142, CPU-Z says Link Width x 1 Max Supported x 16.

    randomizer, external power is connected, fan is spinning, I think you get a warning if it's not.

    Xazax310, core is 650, memory is 660, which is default.

    spanner_razor, I only have one PCI-E slot, no they don't fit into regular PCI, and the removal method is much improved over AGP.

    Xazax310, I'm not sure 1GB RAM shold be affecting the scores all this much. It's memory. 512MB on the card. Am I wrong on this?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I do have a problem then? ALso I can see the golden ends of the card sticking out of the PCI-E slot slightly, is this maybe the problem? I don't have any graphical problems though.

    I did get occasonal errors with 93.71 with nv-disp.dll something, that's why I upgraded to .81, noticed the performance loss, downgraded, then went down to 91.47.

    Do you think a full reinstall would help, as could it be a driver conflict from my driver experimentation doing this?

    Thanks all! I will get Supreme Commander running at a decent rate, even if it kills me!
  8. Hey gang (and Tacos, recently arrived!)

    Problem solved, thought you'd liek to know.

    It was that my 7900GTO wasn't in the slot correctly (yes you shouldn't be able to see the gold ends!).

    It was in enough so that it knew it was a 7900GTO in there, would work without any obvious problems, but was only running at PCI-E x 1 speed, which translates to about half speed.

    Now I'm gonna 3dmark the beastie to see what I got.

    Big gracias for all the help, you lot rock!
  9. Quote:
    (yes you shouldn't be able to see the gold ends!).

    lol man, at least I can't see the gold ends on my 6600gt (which, is pimpin' beyond belief, I get 500000fsps in tetris man :lol: )

    Anyways, congradulations on fixing the problem, I should have thought about reseating the card myself.

    ps, I would think that running it at 1/16 the bandwidth would cause more than just a 50% performance loss, but ohh well

    Nice to see you around too, hopefully im gonna be more active this days (since my rma again :P)

    btw, nice to know that you fixed your problem and I would like to see the difference of 1x with 16x
  10. Well, PCI-E x1 gave me 5144 3dmark05 and PCI-E x16 10602 with 91.47 (93.71, 93.81 gave me slightly worse scores).

    PCI-E x1 gave me 3207 3dmark05 and PCI-E x16 7282 with 91.47

    It didn't quite work out to a sixteenth!
  11. Gee I thought those were pretty good scores Tacos? It's about what the 7900GTX was getting in the VGA charts, and I haven't overclocked it!

  12. How can we tell if the bandwidth is completely being used or not?
  13. Quote:
    did you finally get a good rma this time? I remember you rma'd, then the rma broke. Ohh, and I just bought a new keyboard :mrgreen: I was going to get the logitech g15, but it was a bit out of my budget at $60, so I got an awesome ergonomics keyboard for only $30 after rebate

    nah, not yet, corsair should have got it today at afternoon already. Should expect RMA at friday or even monday next week. I hope this one comes good.

    And hey, nice to hear that you bought a new keyboard. That g15 impresses me but I dont want anything wired anymore. Im just tired of it.

    BTW, pretty big difference from 1x to 16x
  14. As you know, I buy what I like and what I feel is gonna be comfortable for me and look nice on my pc :)

    I really love logitech and will stick with them foreva. Never considered microsoft, because I hate to spend money on them. I dont spend money on their OS, whats make taco think that im gonna spend money on their keyboards!
  15. Max price for Vista should be $200 (ultimate)
  16. $200 for a fancy interface, and new task switcher (I don't know about you but I don't spend hours looking lovingly at it, it flashes for half a second while I switch programs if I can't be bothered to use the taskbar) and new new DirectX version that isn't in any games yet!

    I'm a bit cold about the whole thing. I guess I'll have to try the demo first.

    And don't worry about hijacking the thread, this thread started life by hijacking another thread (yes that was me), and Tacos was there for that, too. Plus my 7900GTO is running at full speed, so the thread is done!
  17. hehe thanks for letting us know

    IMO $200 for ultimate is ok, that if microsoft wants people to buy their genuine stuff.

    they think everybody can spend $400 on a system which cant be fully used now..
  18. well, you can always call them to tell them you formatted and reinstalled windows but is always easier just to wait ;)

    raptor x is pretty expensive, I suggest you stop spending money on KEYBOARDS and start saving up
  19. take it easy. Im not blaming you, im jsut trying to say that if you really want that hdd which is gonna give you perfomance, then go for it and stop thinking about those little things that will not make your pc faster ;)

    When I think like this, I know that is really worth the save and time spend to get that $200 or $300 component.
  20. not a nice moment to upgrade videocard so just wait on that

    hdd might be a good option to upgrade since there are no rumors of a better raptor

    cpu, idk, k10 is coming but its gonna take its time and you gonna have to replace mobo which makes it more expensive (I think right?)
  21. Quote:
    not a nice moment to upgrade videocard so just wait on that

    It's not a nice moment unless you can get a 7900GTO for a song, which I did :D
  22. well yeah, but you already own any 7600gt card and up, I would recommend to hold on on the videocard upgrade cuz there are many things coming up in april :)

    oh yeah, I really wanted the GTO but was too expensive at that moment :(
  23. taco, you always come with surprises so is not somethin new....

    anyways, I would still wait for the 8600Ultra ;)
  24. Quote:
    well, I own a 6600gt if that counts for anything 8O

    Let me guess, you were going to buy an 8800GTX but you decided to buy the 6600 instead and spend the rest on tasty, tasty tacos?

    Damnit, now I'm hungry.
  25. Quote:
    well, I own a 6600gt if that counts for anything 8O

    Let me guess, you were going to buy an 8800GTX but you decided to buy the 6600 instead and spend the rest on tasty, tasty tacos?

    Damnit, now I'm hungry.

    that was a good one :lol:
  26. Quote:
    I got time, so I'll wait, and no, I bought the 6600gt 3 years ago, but now the taco thing doesn't seem like a bad diea... :lol:

    Noooooo please! noooooooooooooooooooo! :lol:
  27. I did that, but bought the 7900GTO. Man, these tacos are the best.
  28. If you mean AMi's R60, wasn't that pushed back to May / June? Also, there will be a few months before a real price war to benefit all us poor folk, so aim for <cough> August.

    Anybody really think Hellgate, Stalker, Crysis is going to be a slideshow on anything 79xx and up, or 19xx and up? Run it at a sensible 1024x768 and i'm sure they'll be fine...

    (he said without any conviction...)

    I can't see myself needing a DX10 card 'til 2007.*

    *I meant 2009, little joke. Anyway by then I'll have got bored by FPS and RTS and gone back to reading and movies. Or we'll all be irradiated by some godless sleeper cell.**

    **Just kidding.***

    ***I hope.
  29. 8600 series coming in first week of april :wink:
  30. r600=may
  31. Quote:
    I spent $30 on the keyboard, give me a break, I got it on sale, otherwise I wouldn't be spending money at all

    That's probably why it's stuffed.

    Either that or you spilt taco all over it as soon as you took it out of the box.

    (Sooo... hungryyyy).
  32. Slim, what's an 8600? A cut down 8800? A 320MB 8800GTS is often less than a high end 7900, how is this progress? Who's gonna buy it?
  33. 8600Ultra and GTS versions are worthy because if rumors are true, this cards are gonna be around $200. What better card in the market for $200 and DirectX 10 compatible? :lol:

    Taco, I told you not to eat over your KB!!!
  34. Ok fine, I didnt know you are the kind of person who gets offended so easily. Specially with this first-time joke that has NEVER been mentioned. Sorry if I did taco.
    BTW, all the time I been posting with taco, this is the only topic which talks about your name so is not that people talk about your nickname on every topic.


    Maybe I missunderstood your post and you are saying that you are pissed (in a funny way) cuz u havent go to taco bell in almost 2 years.

    Either way, Ill stop so u wont consider me part of that team
  35. oh well, sorry cuz it looks like I did misunderstood your post. A little joke from me wouldnt bother you right? :)

    BTW, I told u already, and u told me that too, maybe those fat asses are just jealouse because u know more than them ;)
  36. oh yeah sure I bother you everyday thats why you are tire of me :x
  37. OK the tacos jokes are getting a bit old. If your keyboard wireless it might be battery problem, I find half my keys stop working if the batteries are low, and others seem fine.

    That said, most people here, unless they know you "well" only have your name to make assumtions about you, as they won't have much else to talk about at first. Human nature, I'm afraid, and your name is especially descriptive. If mine was "I love redheads glazed with honey" I'm sure I'd get a few cracks my way, too.
  38. I've never heard of a keyboard that needs extra power just to work, unless it's one of these ones with usb ports on, and you're got a taco warmer plugged in*.

    *Sorry! I mean coffee warmer!!!
  39. Quote:
    come on slim, you know I could never get tired of you, we've been friends ever since we hijacked that 9700 thread for something like 17 pages in 3 days :D It's just coming from almost every single person I meet that don't even know me half the time make those jokes, and those get tiring.

    Yes taquito I know, is just that I feel like you are blaming me for a little joke which I have never done before to you.

    BTW, it would be nice to know where u got that keyboard. If it is some retail store, just go and exchange it. If it was newegg or zzf, I think it would be better to start the RMA process right now before its too late. You dont want to end up with a mess up keyboard.
  40. nice! go for it.
  41. Ah man, I hate so much the freakin hot sun here...

    I think I got tire of this sun already, might be moving to where you are! Michigan! right? or mashachusetts?
  42. Quote:
    I see no point to the upcoming pci_e 2.0

    Its not about bandwidth, its about latency.

    Latency is the big problem with PCIe atm, thats why Creative Labs havent released a PCIe XFi, and why that "Killer NIC" thing is PCI.

    While the packet overhead remains the same with PCIe 2.0, the doubling of clock means that the same amount of wasted cycles have less of an impact in terms of Nanoseconds.
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