Plug and Play problems? Unexplained beep?

I have a gigabyte M59SLi-S5 motherboard with the latest F7 bios update.
I have been noticing an unexplained beep at boot but I get no error messages. I am having a slight problem with my plug and play, or at least I think it's a problem.

While I haven't built many systems, the ones I have built never had this happen so I don't know if it is a problem or just my inexperience.

I connected the mouse and keyboard via USB when I was setting up my CMoS straight through to the install of windows xp. When my computer is running in windows, if I disconnect the mouse or keyboard and reconnect it even in the same place, it has to reinstall the drivers for it. Everytime it searches for the drivers and then whatever drivers it selects, for the Microsoft mouse even, are not signed by microsoft. I continue the installation anyways, but it's weird for me considering it's a microsoft mouse. The problem is even weirder, when I shut down and switch the ports my mouse and keyboard are connected to, and then restart, my keyboard and mouse will work (in the case of the mouse I mean it will light up) until windows loads. Then neither of them will work.

I'm not sure what is the problem here considering this has never happened to me before.
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  1. One beep is normal for most systems. Did you do a fresh install of windows (format)? You can also check the device manager under "system" in the control panel. Look for any conflicts that will have a yellow or red mark next to them. Remove them and reboot with your mouse and keyboard connected.
  2. well now that the mystery of the beep is solved, a fresh install of windows wasn't necessary. It turns out that the gigabyte drivers were responsible for the problem. After uninstalling the gigabyte usb drivers and then repairing windows it works just fine now.

    Meanwhile, for a while even microsoft had no idea what was going on, the gigabyte drivers didn't show up as anything special and nothing was found for four hours :(.

    Thanks for your help about that beep (it was worrying me since I've had sooo many problems getting this system working as is, here's a small list of the major problems)

    1. broken pump
    2. Leaking resevoir
    3. Problems with a fitting
    4. EVGA card artifacting and because it was recertified, couldn't get EVGA to cooperate, but Newegg took it back for a refund.
    5. Missing screws for case caused problem when mounting hard drive
    6. secondary resevoir kept falling off because adhesive strips weren't strong enough
    7. The Nvidia TCP/IP acceleration doesn't work, instead it gives me a blue screen.
    8. The USB problem listed above.

    I'm so happy this thing is done, I actually started dancing. Though I still can't get that damn TCP/IP acceleration to work.
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