Desktop or Laptop In College?

I really want to build myself a desktop, and even have the whole build planned out. But I need to know if I really need my laptop that I have, because if not I will be selling it to help buy build parts. I do some mid-gaming, and work with music notation software. My college has computers for students to use in the library and other places. If that is the case, do I still need this laptop?
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  1. The answer is: having less distraction is important in college. If I were in college again, I'd pick a great laptop for note taking and word processing with a long battery life and good screen for out-doors and study study study!

    But if I were 17 again, i'd probably want the game machine and a notebook :)
  2. If you were going to college for something that required better computer specs I'd say just go ahead and build the computer. Because you're not, I'd stick with the laptop and pocket the extra cash. College > Games
  3. Yeah, my laptop can't handle the major music software and drill writing I need
  4. I would just get a better laptop. Having portability in college is a whole lot better than having to be hunkered down at a desk. For instance, let's say you have a paper due when you come back from break. Well then if you already started it, you would have to send that file to where ever you are going and deal with compatibility issues if whatever computer you will be working on doesn't have the right version or the software at all. Also you can take it outside when it's good weather and still be able to mingle. I would look for a long battery life, small screen, and 7200rpm hard drive if not Solid State. Also get a back up battery or get insurance for replacement if yours goes bad along with insurance on a power cord. On the plus side if you get a creepy roommate then its a whole lot easier moving a laptop than a desktop. Once you are out of college then I would go for a nice desktop. By then the one that you are looking for is going to be a lot more affordable or a better one for the same price will be available.
  5. I'd say give, give.

    Laptop will give you mobile central place of work, desktop will be say central place of work. Work from mobile or work from not. Be all i can say.

    Laptop will give a places to work at your desktop can't, but your desktop will probably give one place to work.

    In terms of computing, at some times for the interest there is really only a small difference sometimes, but alot of differences many times.

    If you don't need the differences, don't go for them. They are nice probably of differences of course, but actual use will vary. For like computer hardware anyways, sorry. My bad.

    And in terms of word processing (can't spell). If you are concerned with the fact of like paper and you can just drop typing in really fast, you might lose the bulk of the paper. Paper to say anyways.

    Otherwise its like trying to do more with say "paperwork". Which is probably fine of course, at time sometimes to say of the idea, some use of interest might find its place otherwise its almost a "thrown" rush for the interest. But still about what you can work with though too, so don't forget that one.

    Price, price varies horribly really sometimes, but then not enough for much thought though.

    So, who knows. I don't much obviously. But thats probably what makes some thoughts worth something. Yes?

    But laptops aren't cheap usually, and if they are, probably are easy to lose; rather can believe it or not: cause they are probably fairly heavy.
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