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March 3, 2007 6:22:53 PM

Hello folks,

I'm having a hard time deciding on the timings vs bandwidth with this memory; OCZ GOLD DDR2 800 PC6400

Now i'm running my E4300@2997MHz (333x9) 1:1Ratio so my Ram is only running at 333MHz I have lowered the timings to 4 4 4 12 (1.9v) and it seems stable in memtest86+. The thing im worried about is having to greater impact on the modules life expectency, Although I have read that aslong as you do not go above the recommended Voltages your warranty is still valid, not sure if this is true.

I think I just need a virtual slapping, (With knowledge, not kippers) to reassure me that this module can take these timings/Voltage etc...



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March 3, 2007 7:01:11 PM

your ram is running @667 Mhz 333 Mhz x 2
March 3, 2007 7:18:58 PM

You are ok as long as you dont push some serious voltage to the chips. Sorry but I am still with DDR and cant tell you what serious is for DDR2.
From what I call tell you are ok.
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March 3, 2007 7:24:03 PM

yea thanks for the reply! the voltages are +1mch +1 fsb +1 ddr2 cpu is up a fraction to but mostly around 1.32v.

Is it just the voltages to worry about then? or do you need to worry about the cpu doing more MHz?
March 3, 2007 7:30:18 PM

...the voltages are +1mch +1 fsb +1 ddr2

This doesn't really help us, because (presumably) you are just listing BIOS setting increments for your MB, not the actual voltages. If your DDR2 voltage is 1.9V as you suggested in your first post, that's fine. Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from part number to part number, so you'll have to look up the warranty of your specific RAM.
March 3, 2007 7:33:51 PM

Just worry about the voltage not to push it too far and push the mhz to their limits than back up just a bit and test it theat it's stable.
When you rise the frequency of a chip you raise the electrical current thats passing trough it and it's a linear raise.
When you push up the voltage your current raises exponentialy.
Thats where the heat comes - friction!

You can never know if a component is gonna fail. It just may be not so good to start with.

If you dont raise the voltage too much you should be safe.

Components do fail even if you dont overclock.

In all probability the CPU will last longer than any of your other components. In my experience it's the mobos that crap out.
March 3, 2007 8:02:15 PM

Thanks guys! The CPU is at more or less stock voltage and theres hardly any change in heat im about to run a tat + orthos 10minute torture test so fingers crossed!
March 4, 2007 5:33:38 AM

I would suggest to run two instances of prime95 and an instance of the latest 3dmark.
You should torture your whole system. Your components wont behave the same when they are tested at the same time as opposed to separate testing.
It's harder for the PSU when all of your components are torchered at the same time and your overclock could be unstable.