Need a PSU? Get your butt to Newegg now! NeoHE 550 deal

For those of you pondering the whole, "What kind of PSU should I get?" and the whole "Price versus performance" debate, this PSU is a great deal at this price.

The Antec Neo HE is based on the Seasonic S12 (ranked tier 1/2, same OEM design as the Corsair HX series, but with more amps than the 520).

There's no reason to skip this deal if you're in the market for a PSU and can't afford a big dog.

$69.99 after rebate for 42 amps on the 12 volt rails with an S12 unit.

Well, what are you waiting for? GO BUY IT.
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  1. That's not a bad power supply. If you have a tad more cash on hand, they have the OCZ PowerXstream 700w PSU on Zip Zoom Fly for about $100 after mail-in rebates (I hate mail in rebates...), which isn't too bad of a price, considering they charge something like $170 on Newegg.

    I like Newegg, but whenever they get a single product in stock which sells lots, they overprice it by like $60. Example: Arctic Freezer 7 - they have it for $70 on Newegg,

    And I bought it for $30 on Bestbyte. Which may or may not have been a good idea. It's a week after my Newegg stuff arrived and it's still not here. They just removed it from their website, too. If you look up "Freezer 7" on Froogle, you can find likewise prices, though.
  2. Wow, sounds like advertising. :twisted:
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