How to set up a FREE wifi hotspot?

I want to set up a free wifi hotspot at our little bookstore. The requirements are......

a) No authentication required

b) Should redirect to an external welcome screen at logon (to show terms of service and what we allow and don't)

c) Should be able to block all traffic except HTTP/HTTPS

d) Should be able to redirect all traffic through a remote proxy/filter (to filter porn and such)

e) Ideally, not ad-supported and free for the customers.

Ideally the software would be some sort of free firmware upgrade for a wireless router - thereby skipping the expense and hassle of running a PC for this purpose.

Failing that, the software should run on Windows (to make remote administration easier for us).

I've seen PublicIP - but it is Linux based and requires a PC.

I just want to offer our customers free internet access while they wait on a spouse or kids shopping while keeping the family oriented atmosphere safe for the kids that are in our store.
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  1. You can buy a router with preinstalled hotspot software here.
    It will probably take some tweaking to get it the way you like.
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