Can Antec SP500 handle 640Mb 8800 GTS?

Dear All,

I'm new in this PSU calculate thing.

I have a brand new system but the performance did not satisfy me specially graphic and planning to upgrade to 8800 GTS 640Mb.

OC CPU any level higher from standard, VGA overheated. Temp GPU riched 56 C using RivaTuner 2.0 and "command and conquer" suddently stopped and there's sign stated that It may be caused by overheated hardware.

6300 OC to 2.8 Ghz idle temp using rivatuner is 55-56 C but in BIOS stated 45 C.

Standard case with fans: 2x8inch (in), 1x 8inch (out) and 1x12inch (out)
Antec SP500
Gigabyte 965P DS3 F4 bios
C2D 6300 at stock clock
Scythe Ninja Plus
Corsair CMX2 2X2048 1:1 5-5-5-18
Sparkle 6600 512Mb 128bit passive cooling
WDC sataII 250Gb
DVD writter
CD writter
LG L1900R 19" 2000:1, 4ms

Calculate total watt using PSUEngine is 410W.

Can I just replace 6600 to 640Mb 8800 GTS without changing PSU?

If not, any good suggestion PSU around 500 -550 watt to supply 8800, consider my room has it's own limited electricity with split AC, refrig and 100 watt TV.
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  1. Wait, why is that PSU bad mpilch? I have it, and it's been nice and quiet. No, you need mroe power for that card.
  2. Thank you for your explaination:

    So, I choose either Corsair HX 520watt or Seasonic S12 550watt.

    Antec SP500 spec:

    +5V +12V1 +12V2 +3.3V -12V +5Vsb
    Max. Load
    35A 17A 19A 32A 0.3A 2.0A

    Min. Load
    0.5A 1A 1A 0.5A 0A 0A

    Load Reg.
    ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5%
    50 120 120 50 120 50

    * +5V, +12V1, 12V2 and +3.3V maxload: 480Watts
    * +5V and +3.3V combined output: 180Watts


    total watt at 12V is 300watt [480 - 180] --- Antec SP500

    total watt st 12V is 480 watt [12V x3 at 18A each] --- Corsair HX 520

    What do you think, Corsair HX 520 or Seasonic S12 550 can handle my next system?
  3. If I remember correctly the smartpower 2.0 series ranked 3 on the xtremesystems rankings, along with several FSP units. If its as bad as you say, then either its in the wrong rank or the other psus there must be bad too, even if they are supposedly "high quality".
  4. I was considering getting one too. Still looking at that fsp tho, its about the same price if not slightly cheaper anyway. Hopefully I'll be getting it soon.
  5. At the OP, sorry for jacking your thread for a while. Anyway, mpilch, what else would I have to add to my system to get my PSU to fail? :twisted:
  6. Wow, that is sad, for 500w. I won't do RAID, and my next card will be in 2 years. I'll worry about it then. :lol: Glad to have ya around mpilch. Out of the many posters on the Forumz, I respect you the most. :wink:
  7. I got to 3.2 GHz, but then had to reset the mobo cuz of some other problem.
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