Which is the best ver for internet sharing ?

I installed Mandrake 8 and it went great (first time linux user and it was easier then windoze!). But when I tried to get the network to share my internet conection I got an error stating that the needed files were corrupt on the CD!

Before I download the 8.1 images and burn them and reinstall, is there any flavor of linux that is better for sharing ? This is a must have feature if I am going to continue uninstalling Microsoft from my life.


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  1. I prefer Slackware 7.1 myself, but really, any stable 2.2-based distro will do. Just get it and update the kernel to 2.2.19 with IP masquerading support, turn off all unnecessary services, then set up forwarding policies and connections and all that.

    2.4 kernels have a more advanced IPmasq/NAT layer called NetFilter, but the problem is that it doesn't support all the "helper" modules that 2.2's IPmasq layer does. If you use IRC, RealPlayer, CUSeeMe, or VDOlive over your Internet connection, you'd best stay away from the 2.4 kernel for a while.


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