Will a antec 350 w smart 2.0 power a 8800gts?

i need to know if the antec smart power 2.0 350w psu will run the 8800gts. i think it should even thought the requirements say 450w, people tested the power consumption of the computer with this card and it consumed 276 Watts under full load. so that says to me that theoretically it should work. do you think it will ruin the card or blow up my computer if i use the 350? i just dont want to buy another psu if i don't have to.
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  1. +1 for no, if it does run it, it won't last long and you will risk damaging the rest of your components when it blows up.
  2. Under-powering a system leads to an endless string of crashes and problems. Plus, stressing a Smartpower is a terrible idea, they aren't the most reliable PSUs to begin with. Invest in a good PSU and then look at upgrading but if you choose not to, please don't post threads stating such and such a vid card manufacturer sucks or this game won't play etc. The cause will be your PSU so need need to look for further answers. :wink:
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