anyone own a antec p180 and willing to post a pic or two...

So I've read that the biggest complaint people make with this case is that it's difficult to route power supply wires from the bottom bay to the MB. Can some of you out there who actually own this case please post a few pics that show how your did your wiring with this case.

Long story short, I'm getting tired of waiting for the P182 to get released to build my new system and am thinking about "settling" on the P180.

Thanks all!
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  1. I have a P180, P5B deluxe mobo, tuniq tower 120 and 8800GTS
    PSU is a Seasonic energy+ 650W

    The only little problem was routing the 8-pin EPS power connector. That connector in the mobo was at the fartest point possible in the upper left corner.

    It goes over the 8800 and round the tuniq tower, but I managed to do it.
    Both the 8800 and the tuniq tower are fairly large components in their relative category.

    You can order a 8 pin EPS extension if you worry. I ordered one because I want to re-route it and have a bit of slack in it.

    I had no problem whatsoever with anything else. Awesome case, superbly quiet when the tricool fans are set to low. On medium they are slightly audible. I wouldn't use them on high, it doesn`t seem to be their forte.

    I ordered four Noctua 120mm (on they came out as #1 fan for silent/highflow). I ordered a Scythe 5.25 fan cage. I'm going to replace the two fans (rear and top) and add one in the middle cage (I removed the middle drive cage as I have no drive there) and I'm going to install the Scythe fan cage in the upper cage (I have no drive there either.
  2. Quote:
    The only little problem was routing the 8-pin EPS power connector. That connector in the mobo was at the farthest point possible in the upper left corner.

    I see... I heard the worst part as the 4 pin CPU power connector. What is the 8-pin-EPS power connector?
  3. Quote:
    I see... I heard the worst part as the 4 pin CPU power connector. What is the 8-pin-EPS power connector?

    the 8 pin eps is basically the same thing as the 4 pin, execpt with 8 pins, haha, crappy explaination. It was hard for me to get mine connected too, barely made it.

    And sorry, i dont have a digital camera to post pics :oops:
  4. 8-pin EPS is for dual core CPUs

    I think you can plug two 4pin, but my PSU supply came with the perfect 8-pin EPS connector so might as well use this one.
  5. Heh, yeah, I had the 4-pin in for a while on my E6600. :lol: There was this plastic thing on the other 4 pins. LOL
  6. does that mean you only had 1 CPU working?
  7. My new P180 pics are up. You can route the cables up through the chamber flange if you want, but be sure to bundle them tight with zip ties. If you are more hardcore like me, you can completely bypass the middle and go around at the side/rear of the case, and around the bottom wind's tougher but it's very satisfying when it's complete.

    Takes ALOT of patience though. But take your time and the P180 can be a beautiful case inside......not to mention the regular features it has, etc.
  8. Ok, so my motherboard that I just got, for a C2D only has a 4pin power connector for the processor, not an 8 pin. Is there something wrong there? Its a DS3
  9. Nope, it's supposed to be that. I have the DS3 and it's a 4-pin header......and also the 24-pin. That's normal and proper, not to worry.
  10. Skyguy, Have I mentioned that you're the awesome as hell? no? ok well, you're awesome, thanks for always responding with top-notch stuff.
  11. GraySky,

    Just understand with the P180 setup that depending on the MB you use and the location of the power connectors 24pin/8pin/4pin that you are ready to purchase an extension. No biggie really when you consider the reason behind needing the extensions. Being able to segregate the PSU from the rest of the components is NO small thing...

    It is a great case.. The most difficult area is where the PSU wires come close to the lower 120mm fan.. That was the only difficult cable management I had...
  12. Completely separating the upper and lower chambers is difficult. But the difficulties I think are worth the payoffs. But you're right, it's certainly not easy.

    The lower power wires near the can wrap the wires back on themselves and put them beside and/or above the PSU in the gaps.

    Take a look at my setup, might help give some ideas:
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