Overclocking P5B with 4 dimms - impossible?

OK. I bought an extra gig of ram, (667 mhz Corsair) which now makes it a total of 2 gigabytes composed of 4 sticks.

Upping the FSB to the usual 333 for a slight overclock of my E6300, I can't even post (let alone boot). Asus automated recovery (or whatever its called) doesn't work. I had to clear the CMOS with the appropriate jumper.

Setting manual RAM timings and freq. didn't alleviate the problem.
What's surprising - I flashed the latest BIOS version (1102) which according to relase notes - supports 4 dimms.

Any ideas/ suggestions?
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  1. voltages?
  2. remove the extra ram and see if it goes back to normal.

    are all four stick identical (brand, model, speed, latency) ?
  3. It does go back to normal. All ram is from Corsair, identical in every aspect.
    What bugs me is: BIOS version is supposed to support 4 dimms, yet I should forget about overclocking.

    Setting RAM voltages to Auto - I see BIOS running it at 1.8 (which is not 1.9 specified by Corsair). Manual setting to 1.9 does not change anything.
  4. I got the same thing last year, oddly enough with Corsair too.

    All I needed to do was loosen the timings a little bit and it flew without needing to raise the voltages. Although the RAM became more 'latent' the increased quantity made the machine faster and more responsive overall.

  5. Oh man, the timings are already bad enough :).
    Its the VS series ram, smth. like 5-5-5-15.

    well, its a slot-filler for now. I'll buy 2x1gb XMS series next week.
  6. Grin - mine was XMS !

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