newbie raid-interested user with some question

hi all
i never use raid before but i'm interested to use. i want to buy a new hdd (currently 320gb seagate 7200.10 , will buy a same one). want use raid 0

my question: it i need to remove all of my data in old hdd before doing raid 0
2. is it i need to remove all partition in old hdd(currenly have 3part)
3. let say my current mobo(P5NSLI) is damaged, can i just put both hdd in new mobo(eg gigabyte 965p ds3), n read it(off course after reinstall windows).or i need to doing the raid again?if so how can i backup the data. is it i need the same mobo(p5nsli)

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  1. 1 and 2: backup your disks, because when you convert to Raid all will be lost.

    3. You would be changing chipset, so it is recommended to reinstall.
    For backup I would use Acronis True Image.
  2. alrite..tq 4 that i'm waiting my new hdd.hehehe :twisted:
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