Hiper Type-R 580: Is it reliable and easy to build with?

Ok, my birthday is coming up and I'm building a new pc. Doesn't have any hardcore liquid cooloing or anything like that, just the only component that is confusing my power supply choices is the x1950xt 256. So also, the silver 2, 3, and 4 pin things that differentiate this psu from others: are they hard to build with? confusing?

BTW my specs are:
x1950xt 256
2gb supertalent ddr2-667 dual chanel
gigabyte ds3 mobo
(probably) hiper type r 580
hanns G 19" widescreen lcd
samsung x18 dvd writer
And also, I need a case that looks great (no, not a horid antec sonata) and is really easy to work with.
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  1. the PS is great, easy to work with, only problem i have with it is that the P4 connector is only 24 inches long. on my p180 case, it has to stretch tight to reach the P4 connector on the motherboard... other than that its a very solidly built PS, and it works well... you might run into problems if you ever plan on going up to 8 series viedo cards as i dont know if the 580 has enough amps on on the 12v rail for SLI, but other than that its great
  2. Well it clocks in at just over +12@18A so I would recommend 23A+ and that is good for at most 360w/30a so it should last a good while. The modular connectors are not difficult to work with. That link also shows the cable connections in more detail, and you can d/l the product manual as well for more info.

    For a decent case that looks good and won't kill your wallet check out the NZXT Apollo they have $20 MIR. Links to the silver , black and orange they are decent cases. Similar to the cooler master centurions.
  3. Wow, does the 8800 really use that much power? i mean come on, i thought the x1950xt was a power hog. The only thing keeping me from clicking order now is the confusing cables on this psu. I dled the manual and it just makes me feel stupid.
  4. Wow, and to think shirnking cores just makes it more efficient. how efficient can you get when you're pushing the core that high. No point of shrinking it then. I mean, what the point of me getting a 580w psu if it wont run a dx10 gpu im getting in 2 yrs.
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