Replace e4300 stock cooler?

Could anyone recommend a budget cooler for e4300 that wuld do better job than Intel box one? When I say budget, I mean BUDGET ($20 or kinda that).

I'm in Central Europe, Lithuania, so please don't recommend American e-shops.

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  1. Arctic Cooler 7, about 23 US$
  2. Coolermaster makes some heatsinks that were designed for prescotts. I have one for my e4300 it moves 80cu feet of air with a 95mm fan and is pretty quiet at full speed, and while made of aluminium it has a copper insert that makes contact with the CPU. It runs $10-16 shipped in the US, and is available through European sites as well.
  3. Will it REALLY do the job better than the stock cooler?
  4. How about TITAN Siberia?

    I know it's more expensive, retails at $27-$30, more than I expect, but is it really Uber?

    Cools not only CPU, but also NB with it's huge 12 cm fan..

    2.5 x 12.0 x 12.0 (Fan)
    RPM: 1400 - 2900
    Noise Level : < 27 - 45 dBA
    Tolerance : ±10%
    Power Consumption : 3.0 - 10.2 W
    Max Air Flow : 58.00 - 111.73 CFM


    Any cheper efficient variants?
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