Noobz: Case and Airflow.

Ayo guys,

I'll be straight, I'm a Noob. No-one likes that term/rank but HEY! Gotta start somewhere...

I've built only 5 computers in my life and find it quite weird at why it always crashes and stuffs up pre-maturely. All parts run on stock-clock settings. Only recently did I speak to my Notorious-Comp-manic-work-mate did I find out the importance of a decent Case and Airflow.

All of my comps that I've given birth to had AUD$20-$25 cases (lol). And all with one fan inside, when my mate found out about this he wouldnt talk to me again...

I'm looking at getting a new system now:

Intel E6400 Conroe
ASUS P5B-E 1394
ASUS 256MB 7900GS
2g Kingston 667
Antec NeoHe 430 Watts
Seagate SATA 400g
Creative X-FI Xtreme Music
Creative Inspire 5200 5.1
Creative Headset and Mic Combo
Samsung DVDrom
Samsung DVD/RW
Samsung 24" LCD 16:10 (wide)
Microsoft Wireless Desktop

[Yes... I'm a hardcore WoW'er. That 24" is great with agro.]

I have a budget of AUD$350 for the case and cooling hardwares. I'm looking at the CoolerMaster RC632 (AUD$150) but I dunno if its a good product. I have absolutely no idea about the these cooling system so if there is anyone who would be ever so kind to lend me a l33t hand PLEASE PLEASE and PLEASE I'm begging you help me out so my friend will talk to me again! [And save my computer from pre-maturing again!]
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  1. Greetings, Well first off I would not spend that kind of cash on a case unless you are doing some xtreme overclocking. I would buy a great alumunim case by Thermaltake (I have one) or some other top tier case brand with at least two case fans. One 120mm fan in the front of the case for the intake and one 120mm fan in the back to pull the air through and out. I would suggest 120mm because they are not as loud at the 80mm fans in most cases. You can find a great case from around 50 to 100 (128 aud) dollars.

    Now take the extra money you save on a case and buy a different power supply which is often the most neglected piece of hardware on a computer. Over in the PSU forums here on THG, is a great sticky article on power supplies. I would only buy a high quality power supply, even if the watts are not out of this world.

    PS.. I do not know if you can qualify as a N00b if you have built 5 computers 8)
  2. The case doesn't matter too much, however you should have more than one fan in the thing. Aluminum is always nice, but more expensive. I like to have at least 2x120MM fans in mind -- this might not be for everyone because of the noise, but I've just learned to put up with it.

    If your computer is crashing/stuffing up pre-maturely and you're not overclocking, you are probably overlooking your power supply, and I see you are doing it in your current build. 430W is not sufficent enough to run all of that stuff. The wattage a power supply can produce decreases as its components age. That being said, your power supply, as it ages, might dip down to < 400W, which won't cut it and will result in crashes and damage to parts, eventually, from all of the flucuation.

    Look for a solid power supply if you plan on keeping this thing for awhile: Seasonic, Thermaltake, PC Power & Cooling, FSP Group, and HIPER all make good supplies. I'm not including Antec becuase I've had three power supplies die on me in the last year from customers and personal computers...

    That being said, the case looks great athestically/cooling wise.
    However, try and look at a power supply something along the lines of this.

    Edit: Really bad grammar mistakes.
  3. Gee... only 2 message and I think I got it all fixed... the Thermaltake power u suugested is actually more cheaper and more power then what im gonna get i think i'll make this switch quickly. Thx guys.

    btw if the comps been runnnig for like almost 20hrs per day does that make an impact on the power?
  4. Here you go, make your buddy drool!!!

    $30.00 rebate on the case and $15.00 instant savings on the power supply suggestion.


    Power Supply
  5. but i like the look of the rc632 lol....
  6. Quote:
    but i like the look of the rc632 lol....

    Get what you want, you asked for suggestions.
  7. Thanks for that link -- it was an interesting read.
    You learn something new everyday, I guess.
  8. U R Welcome!
  9. They are nice cases, have you seen some of the custom-painted ones?

    Gamer Infinity FSX, cyberpowerpc"]

    Looks cool, don't think I would buy it (esp from cyberpower lol)

    Internally they are relatively the same as the Centurion series, I have used a few of those they are great performers at half the price of the mystique.
  10. bugger.... thats nice lolz...

    but the standard one matches my blog, W810i and my car more
  11. Haha. You're a noob and you've built 5 computers? :lol: So? I have a $15 case, and my stock E6600 idles at 33C with ONLY one 120mm set on low.
  12. Sorry my bad, you didn't say you were going to put it in your car,[skuffs feet and walks off]. :)
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