psu with 4 (6 pin pcie) connector for 2 8800gtx

hi i wanted to know what are my options for a 1000watts psu with 4 pcie conector to use the 8800gtx in SLI
i have only find the BFG 1000WATTS. is this one good??? i dont trust tht much bfg for a psu or im mistaken? i love enermax but i dont see anyu with 4 connectors =:_[
what other choices do i have????heeelp
thank you =:_]
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  1. thank you for the info, i know i don't need q 1kw psu i need about 800 watts for the system, just want to go 110% sure or you think even 800 is to much, here are what the psu must handle with ease
    qx6700 @3.2
    4x1gb ddr pc8500
    2 x 8800gtx
    wd raptor 74gb
    seagate 400gb sata/300
    xfi fatality
    asus striker extreme
    5 120mm hihg performance fans TT
    2 80mm fan tt
    waterpump tt kandalf LCS
    usb hdd 500gb
  2. Enermax, Silverstone and PC P&C
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