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OK.. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times, but I looked a bit and couldn't find it posted.

I have an older gateway desktop running windows xp home edition..

I have a laptop that runs XP pro, and I'm getting ready to buy another desktop that will probably be windows media center..

I already have a wireless network for the internet. But, I want to be able to see the hard drive of my desktop from my laptop in windows explorer, and vice versa.. I'm confused about how to do this. I guess I need to know the IP address of the computer I want to see.

TIA... :?
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  1. You say you have "wireless network for the internet". What does that mean, exactly? Do you have a modem (cable, DSL) connected to or integrated with a wireless router? Which of your current computers are connected with this wireless network and how are they connected? Have you run the Windows home network setup wizard on your machines?
  2. Hi Tom,

    It is DSL.. My desktop is connected witha cable, and my laptop is wireless.

    No, I haven't run the home network setup.. Maybe I should try this?


  3. Yes. Run the home network setup wizard on both of your current machines. Use the same workgroup name with a unique computer name for each machine. Once that is done, then enable sharing on the drives or folders you want to share.
  4. :D

    Thanks.. that was so easy!! Now, one last question. I want to share all folders on both PCs. I assume this is something I do under administrative tools, but I don't see where..
  5. in my computer, right click the drive you want to share and select sharing and security.
    It would be better to only set certain folders to share for security reasons but its up to you.
  6. thanks... OK.. when you say.. only set certain folders.. is this because when I have my pcs networked, to each other, it opens a security threat from outside sources.. (i know you are probably lol right now)..

    because I am the only person that is ever on the PCs here, and my work is not confidential, but of course, i don't want predators seeing it..
  7. yep outside threats.

    It also makes keeping things organized easier.
  8. ok.. one last question.. what security settings do you recommend in terms of firewall, etc?

    I have norton live update on, and windows firewall

    however, I have internet security turned off. It drives me crazy constantly asking me to grant acess to stuff..

  9. I run zone alarm on my wifes computer along with anti-virus
    Only anti-virus on my computer. Havent had any problems yet.
  10. Yes.. I have only antivirus and no problems yet either..

    Thanks for all your help!!!
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