How install winxp on win7 ,2 boot in dell inspiron N5010

i am using dell inspiron N5010 model, i have installed win7 ultimate on this, now i want to install win xp on this ,how to install?, i have tried in bios settings changed it as ATA but if i am installing win7 cant boot and when installing win xp system suddenly get switch off.
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  1. Pretty confusing...

    First thing first, you can't install Windows XP on another partition (or the same as Windows 7) and hope for Windows 7 to boot. You have to install XP THEN Windows 7 (on another partition btw). They both will be selectable from the bootup menu.

    If you want to install Xp OVER Windows 7 then I don't understand you at all and I guess you already know how to install Microsoft's "A decade ago" Windows by yourself...

    I'm so lost in your explanation that I'm not sure if I want to continue typing on... Why would you need Windows XP on that system??
  2. As he said above, XP then W7.

    If you can't or won't do it that way, install XP Mode.
  3. Or install XP in a VM. Try virtualbox or vmware player for that.
  4. hello,

    i want to install win xp on win 7, because some of my softwares are not working in win7 ,
    now i have win7 ultimate 32bit installed in my i want to install win xp also as dual boot.

    i am using dell inspiron N5010. i have tried to install win xp on this, after selecting ATA mode in bios setup, but my win7 installed in AHCi mode. during installation of win xp my system suddenly gets switch off.

    what i have to do and i want its drivers also for win xp.

    plz help me about it.
  5. dev_

    if you mean you are trying to run pirated software you will get few helpful replies here.
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