Alright.. I've given up.. I really don't think there's a way anymore to get my onboard Realtek HD sound to work with the microphone and BF2. All it gets is static or is so quiet no one can hear me. (depending on the exact setup). I don't get it, because it does work with windows Recorder.

In any case, if I wanted to chat in BF2 what's my cheapest way out? I'm happy with the way the onboard does sound but I REALLY want voice chat. Would a USB microphone bypass this onboard sound problem? Or do I just need to go get a new sound card?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well its wierd because its detected in the sound panel as Pink Rear In instead of Microphone. Yet their little soft panel application tells you its a microphone when its detected. But it does give me access to the boost option in Windows.

    With no boost on I can hear very quietly in windows recorder, and IG its even more quiet. I can turn on boost and then adjust the sound level and it works in recorder. In game gets nothing but static and suddenly it starts trying to like broadcast all the game sounds I'm hearing as well. (using a headphone set up so no its not picking up a set of speakers.)

    Its confusing me like crazy. >_<
  2. Ya made no sense to me either. I'll try bugging over there next. Thanks for the help again! =)
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