Connecting 2 PCs in a home network.

Can anybody explain in detail how to make a 2 PC LAN ? Not the connection itself (the crossover cable) but how to set up the LAN under Win XP using the two computers. I ran all the wizards and I can't get it to work. I need step by step instructions... Something for a beginner: (what to do after I plugged the cables and installed the network cards). I read some of the articles about this but they didn't help. Thanks !
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  1. You need to run the home network setup wizard on each machine, using a unique name for each computer and the same name for the workgroup.

    Then you need to go to "My Computer" and right click on drives or folders you want to share and enable sharing.

    Then go to "My Network Places" and, viola, your shared folders should be there.

    If you think you have already done these things, on each machine, right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties" and click the "Computer Name" tab. Write down what is says about each computer's name and workgroup and report back EXACTLY what it says.

    Then, go to Control Panel -> Network Connections and write down what it shows for "LAN or High Speed Internet Connections", and which are shown as "connected" , "Not connected", or possibly "disabled." Report back what you find.
  2. It works better if you set static IP addresses on each PC. Use on one and on the other with Netmask and Gateway

  3. Thanks for answering so quickly. Now for the questions you (Iceblue) asked me:
    1). The two computers have different names (o1 and o0) and are part of the same workgroup (HOME). I have set these when I ran the wizard.
    2). The connection is enabled but it gives me the message that the network cable is unplugged (and the connection icon is crossed up...), so it's not operational.
    Both computers report the unplugged cable. One of the computers uses it own onboard network card and the other computer uses a PCI card I bought some 1 year ago. But I don't think there's a mismatch between the two net cards.
    Both PCs are from around 2003 (or newer) so they are not antiques. And they both have XP Prof.
    The question is, JUST AFTER plugging the cable in the two PCs, should the link be active (should the green led light up) ? Because no matter what, the connection is never active.
    Maybe the crossover cable has the cables messed up and they don't go to the respective pins. I made the cable myself since I couldn't find one (I read on some sites about it).
    Anyway, I just hope you (or anybody else) can point me in the right direction. Thanks again !!!
  4. Just a quick word about my home made Crossover cable:
    Take a look at this link:
    I made MY cable using the info (pin numbers) as it shows in that picture, connecting 1 to 3 and 2 to 6. I also looked at some other sites and found pretty much the same procedure.
    If you think I messed up the connection and the crossover cable is not made right, just tell me how to do it right. Thanks !!
  5. I also used the "wiring diagram" as showed here:
    That's pretty much the main things I took into consideration.
  6. If you're getting No Network cable then the crossover cable is no good. You definately need a crossover cable to connect 2 PCs. Try making it again using the diagram in the second link you posted. You need all 8 wires.

  7. The diagrams are correct; have you tested your cable? Something is apparently disconnected, probably in your cable. All pins must be properly connected, even the "unusued" ones.
  8. Hi again ! Thank you Grumpy9117 and Iceblue !
    I think I know what the problem is. Since my network cable was not long enough I made it longer using some ordinary wires. Yesterday evening I found out that I can't use normal cables, only UTP cables which are twisted... I'm an engineer (!) by trade, and I thought normal wires could also be good enough, but this is not the case here. I'll buy a shorter crossover network cable and then bring the two PCs very close to one another. Just to test if the connection works.
    I won't bother you guys again until then. Thanks again!
  9. I hope you're not an Electrical Engineer! :lol:

  10. Quote:
    I hope you're not an Electrical Engineer! :lol:

    Electrical engineer... no worries... Electrical Technician? Now you should worry! :D
  11. Hi, sorry I've been away... I got the very short crossover cable, connected the two PCs and everything worked out OK. So consider this topic CLOSED. Somebody should put a sticky for all the non-IT people (like doctors, electrical engineers, etc): "Always use genuine net cables for your home LAN". I said I was an engineer, yeah, you got it, an electrical engineer! I had nothing to do with computers in college. Yet, I know my way around PCs (I learned by myself), but I have no knowledge about LANs. Thanks for your help Iceblue & Grumpy and I wish you all the best!
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