My computer build dream, need help with case and psu pls

My goal er *dream* is to build this computer (Never built one before, read all guides, video tuturials etc, I think I can handle everything except the installation of cpu cooler looks a bit tricky)

-AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.60GHz
-Lite-On Super-Multi LH20A1H / 20x DVD±R Burn
-Kingston Dual Channel HyperX 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz LL Memory (2 x 1024MB)
- Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition NVIDIA Socket AM2 ATX Motherboard / Audio / PCI Express / SLI Ready / Gigabit LAN / Wirelss 802.11b/g / S/PDIF / USB 2.0 & Firewire / Serial ATA / RAID
-Hitachi / Deskstar T7K500 / 320GB / 16MB / SATA-300 / OEM / Hard Drive
-Diamond Xtreme Sound 7.1/24 bit Sound Card
-Microsoft Windows XP Pro Edition OEM Version & Service Pack
-Ultra Black 3.5" Floppy Drive with Built-in 6-in-1 Flash Card Reader
-EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS Superclocked / 320MB GDDR3 / SLI Ready / PCI Express / Dual DVI / HDTV / Video Card
-Cables Unlimited UV Reactive Mode Kit with Dual Tube UV CCFL Lights, Fans, Floppy Cable and ATA133 Cable

Now, the problem, I need a good case and power supply

A little information about what I am after may help...

I want something that looks good, to show off (I want to show my brother I can build a good system to, he is the only friend of mine that does not think I am weird because I am a girl and would prefer computers/games gizmo gadgets over jewlry/flowers)

A windowed case is a must ( I plan on doing all the snazzy led/uv light/cable features)

It must be a Mid tower (limited space in computer armoire)

It would be nice if the power supply also looked nice, lighting a plus, but if it effects performance I can live without a fancy looking powersupply

In the future I plan on going sli with 2 geforce 8800 series video cards

My budget is limited to, around $200 for the total price of powersupply and case, BUT if I have to and it makes a big difference in quality I can go to *winces* $250

Hopefully I can find a case that the neat looking features wont break/fail (doors, sensors, gauges, etc)

Example of a couple of cases and power supplys that I like are:

Apevia Black X-Cruiser Case ATX Mid-Tower Case with Clear Side, Front USB, Audio and Firewire Ports (I like silver also)

Apevia / Iceberg / 680-Watt / ATX / Dual 80mm Fan / 20/24 Pin / SLI-Ready / SATA-Ready / Blue / Power Supply (I LOVE the look on this power supply, but then again I dont know how this unit will hold up)

I want a psu that is very stable and can handle my components

Room is important, those geforce 8800 cards are not small, air flow, expandability, looks

any advice? What power supply and case do you suggest (those listed are just examples of my style) Ty in advanced for any give to this hard core gamer :D
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  1. for a flashy case check out the Raidmax series. ive got a raidmax ninja and its windowed with blue led fans, looks pretty flashy.

    your gunna want a pretty beefy psu as well to run your rig, i chose a thermaltake 750w for extra grunt for my setup.

    question* if its a dream build, why not get the 8800 640mb GTS??
  2. yeah, I'd go for the 8800 gts 640mb....
  3. Well its a dream that I am wanting to come true in the very near future, and the 8800gts 320mb is a lot cheaper, plus according to all the reviews it performs decently compared to the gtx, UNLESS you are using very high resolutions which I am not, my monitor will be the last thing I upgrade it does its job ok for now (syncMaster 710mp) a bit of ghosting but I will eventually upgrade, but funds right now is limited (my system for parts right now is going to cost $1200-$1500 for parts) That is why I am going to build my own, to save on money, and I get all the parts I want. Thanks for the reply Ill check into that case! 8)
  4. er scratch the gtx part , I meant that between the geforce 8800gts 320mb and the 640 , that for the resolutions I play that there would be no HUGE difference in performance, unless I buy a monster monitor, crank all my game settings to max, now that would be different. Now personally I just fell in love with the gtx, but my piggy bank would not cooperate no matter how many times I pleaded with it *pouts* (smiles sweetly while pulling out a hammer, never taking her eyes off her piggy bank)
  5. Look at the Antec 900. It has great airflow which you will need with two 8800gts cards. It is $120, but is often on sale for less.

    For a psu, look for a sli certified unit from FSP(fotron) They are a solid maker that seems to have the best value. The FX-600 DLN-E goes for $115. It's (4) +12v 18a rails should handle a second vga card. Nvidia recommends 26a total for one card.

    For pure bling, you can't beat the Zalman cpu coolers. They are really not needed vs. stock cooling unless you are overclocking or want a quieter box. Look at the Zalman 9700 led model for $60.

    I think you can do better on the processor/mobo. The intel E6400 at the same price will outperform the amd 5000, and can overclock much higher.

    The C2D does not need fast ram, so you can get 2gb of value 667 ram, and use the savings to upgrade to a E6600.
  6. Ty great info/tips. I'll check the case n power supply asap. Im a AMD fan, in the beginning for the savings $$$ and they have all been good to me. I am in no way claiming amd is better or get into a amd vs intel debate, I just always had amd and so far *crosses fingers* never had a complaint. Thanks for taking the time to reply! Off to check on that case and power supply. :D

    (I know nothing about overclocking, wellllll I read alot of forums, tips/hints/tricks *tom's hardware is my bible* but am not comfortable playing around with that yet hehe) One day I will have to explore that area.
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