Can this KVR 533 OC to DDR2 800 or more ?.

I bought DDR2 533 KVR 1Gb x 2 ram . Now OC stable at DDR2 780 . Don't know what chipset it use . can this chipset OC to DDR2 800 or more ?.
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  1. Not sure...why don't you tell us? :P What kind of voltage are you feeding that stuff? I would be happy as hell with 780mhz out of DDR2 533 memory.
  2. I'm using Samsung 533MHz RAM, currently at 660MHz. I've boosted the RAM voltage +0.1V to achieve that. I'm also considering adding heatspreaders because those things are getting warm.

    If you boost voltages, add cooling. I don't think liquid cooling on RAM is anything other than overkill, but your mileage may vary.

    Also, your latencies are important. If you have to raise/loosen them, either add another 0.1V (+0.5V MAX!) or lower your FSB to tighten/lower them again. Keep latencies as low as possible, your performance will thank you.

    Keep us posted!
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