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Is there any Microsoft articles or other materials that details the pros and
cons of using a Workgroup or domain.

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    Hello Todd

    Just about any of the MCSE Study Guide, or networking material out there talk about workgroup vs
    Domain. It really comes down to two things as to which you use:

    1. # of users
    2. Centralized admin vs decentralized

    Typically a workgroup is limited to a small number of machines...the recommended max I remember is
    10 machines. Workgroups require a lot of admin because each machine has to have a user account
    and password for each person that needs access to its resources. The upside is in can get
    away with standard PC's and don't need specialized server machines.

    My preference is the domain. Here you set your users up once and throught the use of groups and
    permissions, give tham access. The is only one username and password to worry about and that
    resides on your domain controller. Every users is able to login to any machine (unless restricted)
    without the need to place an account on each box.

    Hope this helps a bit

    David Hancock
    Microsoft Server Setup Team

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