Antec 550watt blew running e6600 at 3.2240 Ghz and 1.40vcore

Hi guys

My PSU popped after i had overclocked my e6600 to 3.240ghz running at 1.40vcore, and ddr2 ram at +0.5v. I'm running corsair c6400 800mhz 2GB. It was running ok for 3 days with no crashes and then bang!

Was the CPU drawing too much current? It was running on a DQ6 GIGABYTE, I've since purchased the 650watt ANtec trio and I'm afraid to up the vcore again becuase of what happened. Anyone had similar experience? :o
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  1. Well I wish you luck if the thing was under warranty. My Antec Truepower II 550 watt PSU died 2 weeks ago today. I have had it for 1 year and 1 week. It had a three year warranty. I went to their website and started the RMA process. First you have to open a ticket and I did. They replied to it about 30 hours later. I replied to theirs and so it went. It take a full day to complete each step. It took 4 days to get a RMA number. I shipped it back overnight. They got it last Friday (ten days ago) and I never heard a word from them. I opened ANOTHER ticket (they closed the first one when they gave me a RMA number) to find out the status. I got an answer 2 days later saying they had my old one to call a person named "Jay" at the number listed. I called within 5 mins of the email with this information - voice mail. I left a detailed message. I tried recalling 3 more times before her answered the next day. He told me they got tons of packages in and I would receive an email saying when it shipped....
    Two more days pass and Jay RETURNS my origional call. My item still hadn't shipped. He had no idea who I was and didn't remember speaking to me. He checked the RMA again. He assured me it was shipping out this past Thursday and I would receive a confirmation email. He said I would receive it this coming Thursday. Well it is Monday here and I have no emails or anything. Assuming it does arrive on Thursday, I will have been a total of 18 days to get this item back under warranty. If I hasn't paid over $100 for it, I would have just got a new PSU somewhere else.
    I don't know if other people have had issues with RMAing something to Antec under warranty. I am curious if this is standard. I am use to dealing with HP or Dell where I get the part back in a day or 2.

  2. Quote:
    Why are you running your core voltage so high then??

    1.40V isn't "so high"

    Why dont you drop it down to stock levels....

    did you notice he's overclocking? That's why the Vcore isn't at stock setting.

    In a normal setup, that PSU should be capable.

    Like Mpilch said, we need to see the full system specs
  3. My System Specs are:

    E6600 C2D was at 3.2ghz at 1.40vcore
    Gigabyte DQ6
    2GB Corsair DDr2 800mhz 6400c was at 0.5v+ddr2
    Geforce 7600Gt 256 Mb Graphics
    Antec 900 case
    Zalman 9700 Cpu cooler
    320 seagate hardrive
    22" Chimei Monitor
    Antec 550w truepower (now Antec 650 watt trio).

  4. Thats pretty weird. Wasn't much of a stressful system. Could just be a bad unit?
  5. Have you tested your input voltage? Everyone seems to assume that their wall socket is fine...
  6. Is your PSU plugged into a power bar with a good surge supressor?
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