New power supply required?

I’ve recently purchased an Acer T180 (Athlon Dual Core 3800, 1GB RAM), and decided to upgrade the onboard Video.

After a bit of research I plumped for a middle of the range 7600GT card at a cost of £75inc VAT. 7600GT

I fitted the card at the weekend, and all seems well. I was able to play Supreme Commander (relatively new game) at max video settings and it looks great.

I have not yet upgraded the standard 250W power supply, although I have purchased a replacement based on the fact that I thought one would be required to run this card. PSU

My questions are as follows;

1) How can I measure my graphics card performance and is the card likely to be underperforming at present?
2) Will it perform better with an upgraded power supply?
3) Are there any potential hazards if I decide not to upgrade the power supply?

Thanks in advance for you help… :)
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  1. Thanks for the advice, appreciated...
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