??Some questions about the 8800gts??

I just purchased an evga superclocked 8800gts yesterday and had a few questions:

1) From what I have gathered unless you are going to play above 1600 x 1050 then the gtx is overkill is this true? i play on a 20.1" westinghouse which has a native resolution of 1400 x 1050 so I should be ok right.

2) As far as future proof goes I was wondering how I will fare with the card? I am really interested in games for DX 10, mainly crysis, and was wondering if i will be able to play dx10 games maxed out at the 1400 x 1050 resolution. This is only speculation b/c no dx 10 games are out yet but I am just interested in what everyone thinks.

3) I've been hearing a lot of talk about processors becoming a bottleneck with the new 8800 series cards. I have a pentium d 940 and was wondering if this will bottleneck the 8800gts. I found that in most bencharks this chip compares at best to an e6400, so I should be fine right? Besides the fsb this chip compares pretty well.

thanks for all the help guys

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  1. That card is an excellent choice for you.

    Nothing to worry about regarding all three of your questions. You're fine.
  2. Thanks a lot for the reponse. I just registered for these boards and they seem to be great. If anyone else would like to comment about my questions that would be great!

  3. Here's a detailed answer for you.

    1. The 8800 GTS 320MB is more than capable of 1400x1050. Hell, it'll work well at 1600x1200 in most games out there.

    2. Nobody can answer this because there are no DirectX 10 games available yet., but since you have a DirectX 10 card you're doing better than if you had any other card out there.
    I hope you didn't upgrade specifically for crysis, because if that's the case you would have been far better off waiting until Crysis actually came out... I can guarantee there will be more DirectX 10 cards on the market then, and the card you bought will be cheaper.
    But if you're playing games in the here and now, nothing's wasted. The 8800 GTS is the best card you can get right now for the $$.

    3. Processors do not bottleneck gaming all that much. the top of the line processor might get you 10% better performance in games on average, not a big deal. You probably wouldn't be able to see it with the human eye.
  4. Thanks for the detailed response. I purchased the 640mb version not the 320 if that makes a difference at all right now. I figure that with the card for the next three months I will be able to run everything max at that res. If the 8900gts comes out between now and May I will use the evga step-up program to get that card. With the faster memory, gddr4, and a higher clock I speculate that it will be even faster then the current 8800gtx. If it doesn't come out before may I will make the decison then to stay with the gts or step up to the 8800gtx.

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