First time build, having BIOS issue!

Hi guys,

I recently built a new machine using a combo package from Fry's:

2 GB OCZ Gold Edition 800 MHz

However, when the machine boots up, in the BIOS screen, it gets to the point where it reads the CPU, but then it never reads through the RAM and just sits there. I can't DEL or anything to get into the BIOS.

Any ideas on what my problem might be? I don't think it's the mobo because this is the 3rd mobo of the same model that I've tried! I hope it's not the CPU!

Thanks in advance guys!
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  1. Try with another RAM !
  2. If it's hanging up during POST when it reads the memory, it's a memory issue. Make sure the DIMMs are seating properly, try swapping the DIMMs, and/or try just one stick at a time. Resetting/clearing the CMOS might also help. If all else fails, try using different memory sticks altogether.

    Good luck!
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