HiS X1950 Pro VIVO IceQ video capture

Can anyone tell me if I will be able to capture full PAL 768x576 interlaced video with HiS X1950Pro VIVO IceQ card? My current X800Pro VIVO AGP card is not capable of doing that - I can set 720x576 max, but it looks like upscaled 384x288 :(. I'm considering getting rid of my old Bt878 TV card in favor of some VIVO card (I don't need tuner, just need video-in), but I still want to be able to capture full res PAL video from external sources.
BTW I want to change vid card from my sweet Sapphire X800 Pro Toxic (16pipe unlocked) to something PCIE to get rid of that crap mb I got - ASRock 774Dual-VSTA :).
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  1. I can capture 640x480 with my x1950xt. However, you'll need a good capturing tool with interlacing filters. You also need a good CPU.
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