WD or Seagate? Which is better...

I'm going to build a c2d system, and was wondering which brand is better? I want an SATA II drive and 7200 rpm is fine with me. I don't necessarily care about noise so much, just reliability for the long haul. Looking at prolly 250gb to start. Please help!
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  1. as far as the brand, ill simply say neither is better than the other, unless you have brand loyalty. for instance, im more partial to WD myself, raptors in particular... going beyond brand though, just purchase a hdd thats within your budget and offers decent performance... for instance, a seagate 320GB 7200.10 sata pmr hdd, is under $100... its currently one of the best 'price/perferformance/capacity bang for the buck hdds', fitting your criteria as well

    as far as reliability is concerned, the warranty should be taken into consideration too, if a hdd fails within the warranty period, you can just rma it, and receive a replacement
  2. easy with, out a bias, because i have tried a 7200rpm drive of both WS and SG both at 250Gb, although i am a fan of SG the WD was better, it installed easy and recognised, the SG certainly wasnt bad, but it was slow loading which pisses me off.

    so i would go for WD and they are also dirt cheap

    good choice with the core 2, if your going to get vista (which you probaly will, and i would recommemd it, make sure you get 2gigs of RAM for x64 processing and a good GPU ie7600Gt nice and cheap)
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