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I am trying to copy a large file from my laptop to my desktop. The size of the file is about 1.2 gig.

My desktop is conencted to the router with a cable, and my laptop is wireless.

It starts off copying the file fine, but then I get an error saying the network is no longer available.

I'm assuming it is because the file is too big. The question I have is.. if I connect my laptop to the router with an actual cable, do you think the file will transfer? (If I had another cable, I would just try this, but I don't, and will have to go buy one).

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  1. It should transfer using a wireless connection but it can't hurt to try wired. I transfer large files all the time on my wired network without a problem.

  2. Apparently you have something wrong with your wireless. File size should not have a impact. The wireless speed would be slower compared to wired.

    Try using ftp instead of drag and drop.

    Wire should not me a problem.

    If you have not transfered files before, you may have a user access problem or firewall blocking it.
  3. Well, I went and got an ethernet cable, and the file transferred fine.

    I tranfer smaller files frequently via my wireless and they work fine. It is only this really large file I had problems with..

    So, I guess as long as I have a work-around its OK.. Unless you have any suggestions of how to trouble shoot..

    thanks again..
  4. What type of wireless router and NIC are you using?

  5. Not sure what you mean by NIC.. I have a linksys wireless router..
  6. Quote:
    Not sure what you mean by NIC.. I have a linksys wireless router..
    NIC = Network Interface Controller, which is what you plug your ethernet cable into on your computer. Chances are, it was built-in to your computer's motherboard. The NIC is only used for the wired network connection.

    In your original question, it sounds to me like your wireless is simply dropping the connection. How solid is your wireless signal and connection?

    You may not notice this on small file transfers since they complete quickly (before the connection is dropped).
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