computer crash + burning smell ->no bios

P5B deluxe
Corsair 2x1gb 6400c4
ATI X1950pro

Ok, so my buddy (haha no really, my buddy, not me) decided it was smart to OC his computer and did not feel like waiting a bit for me to double check things and make sure there were no major mistakes... oh man bad idea. I do not consider myself a great OC, but I do consider myself somewhat knowledgeable. Anyway, on to the problem.

He used the guide from HERE

However, he placed the FSB up to the max stated in the article of 540 (neglecting it was not listed as recommended, but was listed as an ultimate max).

other settings from what he told me were all from the sites recommended settings (again i was not there and the computer will not post, so i can not confirm exact numbers myself)

the computer booted (supposedly bios only listed speed as 3.0Ghz) and then vista reported 2.8GHz once booted (so already a diff in #'s)

idle temps w/speed fan I am told were around 45C (yes, high, but I have had this before on poorly seated HS and didn't burn a system)

He ran "PC index" once, and it ran fine. However, the 2nd time he ran the index grade software of MS the computer crashed and he started to smell some kind of burning (no smoke visible). We both agreed it definitely still has the burning smell.

The computer will not post the bios, no beeps signaling a specific issue either. The computer will however power on when hitting the power button (fans go on, HD's make noise showing they are on, DVD light blinks)

We attempted to reset the MB by removing all power including the on board battery.... no luck

we removed the cpu and no physical appearance on the outside of damage.

We tested the memory in my system and it booted fine

I guess there are 2 major questions:

what caused the complete failure / burning of part(s)?
(if it was the 540FSB, why did it still read at 3.0GHZ if it really was running at 540fsb)

what part do you think is faulty (cpu, MB, MB+cpu...)?
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  1. That sucks.. I just had a light fixture do the same thing with smoke and a melting plastic smell. I suspect fixing it will be a tad cheaper than fixing your problem though...
  2. Haha wanna trade problems?
  3. If you tested the memory and it works you've pretty much narrowed it down to either the mb and/or cpu. Do you have a good computer store locally? I'd suggest buying a mb and trying the rest of your parts out in that board. If it boots either keep the board or return it and you'll know it's the board. Depending on the age of your board, you can invoke the warranty and swap it out for a new one assuming that jacking the fsb up beyond sane levels doesn't void it.
  4. Yea we assumed either MB or CPu so he is busy getting a hold of both asus and intel to RMA the parts. The parts are only 1 week old so they should still be covered... can these companies possibly void the warranty? I do not see any visible physical damage / burn spots on either part.

    so you think it was the FSB that did it? what I don't understand is why he said the bios posted as a 3.0GHZ cpu. I mean 1) 3.0 wouldn't have fried the system, that is a pretty modest OC 2) the cpu was set to 540fsb so technically if the MB downclocked the cpu for safety, wouldn't it send it down to 2.4 or lower (thats what it does on my MB when i set the clock too high and it resets) This confuses me haha. i guess moral is not to OC without understand what you are actually changing, which he now has learned. (something I learned a while ago the hard way as well haha)
  5. I doubt the mobo even reached 540 but I will say that's almost certainly mobo.
    It could be processor but usually they shut themselves off before there would be burning while mobo's will fry.(or at least mine have)
    I've never had cpu issues in this case though.
    Look, I doubt you'll be able to see any burnt parts.
    I'd still bet my money on mobo tho.

    Oh and I think that guide is poor.
    Saying 2.45 should be fine for most ram?
    I suppose he assumes everyone is watercooling and buying highest quality stuff but all the voltages/clocks seem higher than most guides/higher than I would go.
    Sounds like a "how to make your cpu a shorted out ex egg-frier"
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