new build. i think i did my homework

alright i think i have decided to finally to pull the trigger on a new system. i plan to do a lot of gaming, music recording/editing, photoshop, and video encoding. plan to do a mild OC.
system specs.

evga 680i
evga 8800 gts 640mb Superclocked
Corsair hx620w
Zalman 9700 NT
Corsair Dominator ddr2-800 cas4

I already got the case (antec 900), HDD's, 1680*1050 viewsonic widescreen, mouse, etc.

couple of questions.
1) will the video card be good enough with games on high settings? and in the long run (dx10)?
2) are the dominators overkill or are there better ones out there for around the same price or cheaper?

feel free to make any changes/suggetions.

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  1. 1. yes you will be able to run games on high settings. I have a 7600GT and i can run games on high settings. While some games may not support DX10 now, it will be utilized further down the road for games like Crysis and Company of Heroes uses DX10 now.
    2. The dominators should be sufficient but see what the DDR2 standard is on the mobo. I think it's higher than DDR2 800.
    Either way nice build.
  2. CoH is DX10?...You mean patches...

    The Dominators run the same Micron ram chips as the regular XMS2, it's basically a slightly better heatsink, that's all, no need if not OCing.
  3. hey thx bunch. i guess i overlooked that on the mobo. can it run ddr2-800? or do i have to get this one EVGA 122-CK-NF68-TR ? plus i dont think this version has a lifetime warranty. i couldnt find any info on it on the evga message boards. anyone know more about the different versions?

  4. While a lifetime warranty is nice, most power users upgrade about every three years. Get whichever 680i mobo you want, they are all made for overclocking.

    While the Corsair Dominator series is nice, it is really for those who wants to push thier overclocks. I recommend just getting Corsair XMS DDR2 800 CAS5 RAM. The difference between CAS4 and CAS5 is hardly noticeable to the human eye. You'll need benchmarking programs to really see that CAS4 is a little faster. 2GB of CAS4 RAM probably costs $40 - $60 more than CAS5 RAM.
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