buy 8800gts 320mb or leave it later this year-yes another 1


well ive got limited options, i`ve got a 7900gs @550/800, on my lg 1680*1050 tft, well i was thinking about getn a 8800gts cos the 7900gs is showing its age. well i was thinking cos am building a new pc for one of ma friends i just sell him my 7900gs, for about 80/90 pound wich will add to the new card.

i was just wondering if i should do that?

pros- more money for a new card
cons- dont want to upgrade later this year.

well i`m not planning on buying new hardware for the pc for at least 6 month and i dont want to reget buying this one and then having not enough power to run most upcoming games on medium-max.

well i will be buying-building it towards the end of this month, does anyone thing-know if there will be any price cuts in the next 2 weeks?

well what do you guys think then? should i sell my 7900gs and then get a 8800gts 320mb and will this do me for at least another 6 month or should i wait a bit and then get another card.

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  1. That card is good enough to use for a while unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket.
  2. i`m proberly gone buy it (if i am) in 1-2 weeks, how long do u think it will last me and how well do u think it will do in upcoing games, or more important dx10, is it true that there are no drivers for it out yet for vista, and that the 8800s might not be compatable with dx10-wont run it?

  3. The first and only rule of upgrading is:

    1. never, EVER upgrade for 'upcoming' games.

    If you do that you're wasting money, by the time those games are released newer, more powerful cards will be available for cheaper, and the card you'd spend a wad on now will probably be less impressive when that game is released.

    Only upgrade for the now. Will you be able to appreciate the power of the 8800 GTS in the games you play today? Then it's worth it. But if you're satisfied with your current performance, upgrading for something you don't even have yet is a total waste.
  4. I was looking at getting the same card metal (320mb OC'd though) but I'm with Cleeve here, I'm purchasing an E4300 system next week but only getting a 7600GT for the mean time. I'm looking at being able to run all the next gen DX10 games like UT3 and crysis happily so I'm waiting for R600 and G80 Revisions and then some game beta's before I get my DX10 Card
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