New build is restarting and BSODing

A new build restarts or BSODs almost exactly once per hour according to the error log times.

The error in the logs is IPNATHLP error code 31008.

I googled this, but I couldn't find much.
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  1. Try disabling Internet Connection Sharing.
  2. it is off
  3. I've seen it.

    It happens once per hour almost exactly (within one min)... I think that's a good clue.
  4. hmm, the local area connection doesn't say "shared," but there is no place to enable or disable ics

    when I enable it on 1394 connection, it says its currently enabled on the LAC even though what I said above

  5. ttT
  6. Is the computer connected to a network? If not (and thus no DNS), that may be the result of a driver/malware waking up once an hour to check for updates, etc.
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