Computer store allowing in-store pickups?

Hi guys,

I'm currently in California on holiday and will be going to LA as well as Las Vegas. I am desperately searching for an MSI GT683R (the version with a GTX 560M) and have been unable to find one. I tried Newegg but there's no way they allow a non-US credit card. Fry's has the version with the GTX 460M (for the same price as the GTX 560M!) and I simply cannot find any shop where I can get the laptop in-store.

Please could anyone tell me some shops where I can pick it up from the store since I have no US address? Any help is greatly appreciated. I will be in the US until the 7th.

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  1. Fry's, TigerDirect (CompUSA is TigerDirect), Best Buy

    Have a nice holiday!
  2. Go to Walmart or similar store - buy a prepaid reloadable VISA card for around a $5 fee (no bank account or ID needed) and load enough to make the Newegg purchase - Order from Newegg using the prepaid US. currency VISA card and have them ship it to where you are staying.
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